Grit & Grits

Can the ocean heal a broken heart? Yes.

My mom died in June.

The aftermath involved planning a memorial, celebration-of-life, travel, and family. To say it was stressful is an understatement. Everyone had an opinion on how things should go. It took every ounce of grit my husband and I had to get through it. A lot of expectation is wrapped up in grief.

After all of that, my husband and I escaped to the seaside in Georgia with friends. There it was-the ocean. Gentle, healing warm waves. A nearby pool to wash away the hurt of loss. Grits and cheese as comfort food. Giant oaks with Spanish moss made us and our problems feel so small. They swallowed us.

Everything was so ancient and timeless. I thought of mosasaurs and Megaladon; of giant ammonites and plesiosaurs. I wept. The ocean just went along with its tides and birds. I felt the vast rhythm and quieted. Our grief shrank.

I saw a tote bag at the gift shop that read “The Sea Heals Everything”.

And it does.


2 thoughts on “Grit & Grits

  1. Wilma was always so proud of her Janet. And when Dave came along she was the happiest: “Everybody should have a Dave” was her comment.
    Thank you both for celebrating Wilma in our little town.

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