Free or trash? “Trying to escape”

Anyone who knew me in college knew that I was always looking for a bargain and not opposed to dumpster-diving.

AARP recently wrote about saving $ and getting things for free, so I tried 4 of the suggested apps and sites:

*Buy Nothing app

*Craigslist app

*Freecycle app

*Offerup app

Buy Nothing app asks for everything except your bloodtype to gain entry. I searched in the Sedona area for anything free and found a grill with bent flappy ears. It works. It’s free, so hey. Ok.

Craigslist app was harder to use but had a few more offerings: a non-working fridge with a non-working propane tank. Run!

Freecycle had a greater search radius including Phoenix and a semi-working top-load washer that “sounded like it was trying to escape”. Not sure if the petrol and risk to the back would be worth it, but lol.

Offerup app was easy to use and had a pullout bed with dogs on it for free. Hey, free.

Would I get any of these items? As a college student maybe the pull-out bed, but then inflatable beds are cheaper than renting a Rug Doctor plus shampoo and vet bills.

At any rate, this was a fun goose chase, and if you live in a big city, maybe bargains abound. Houston had some great non-free offerings, so, you never know.


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