Three Cheers for The Brow Trio

I have no eyebrows. Well, they are very blonde and sparse which might make me a Kardashian on some red carpet appearances.

I’m not ready to give up brows just yet.

The Brow Trio is a brow stencil kit that arrived on my Instagram feed one dark and stormy night. Scam? Hmm. I saw the models stencil live on video so I bit.

I’m so glad I did.

Look at my before and after. Wow. Upper pic, one side plain, other with brow trio. Neither with makeup. Bottom with brow trio and liner and mascara.

I’m wearing “Taupe”

Here’s to having a face.

PS-I tried a cheaper brand on amazon and looked a little more like Groucho Marx though the packaging was compact and nifty. Does anyone say “nifty” anymore?

Not in public…


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