Step C. Put bills into 3 piles


The main goal here is to keep a roof over your head and have basic things like food (not restaurants) & utilities like light, water, trash.

You may not be able to pay all your bills this month that’s OK.


it’s OK.

This is temporary.


Progress, not perfection.

Let go of being “perfect” and “good” and “responsible” until this mess is sorted.

“But my FICO score!”

Don’t fret about that now. It can be fixed later if you are getting a 15 year mortgage.

I promise.

Deep breath.


I’m still with you.

Create 3 category piles:

1. Stay Alive :
*Taxes due
*Car note
*Home equity loans

2. Should
(stay out of jail or wage-garnishing)

*Student Loans
(not forgivable in bankruptcy and your wages could be garnished).
*Child support
*Court orders

3. Nice to have:
*DirectTV or cable or Netflix
Internet (might be essential if job hunting)
*Cell phone (this might be essential if you are job-hunting)
*Credit cards
*Hospital bills (these are negotiable once in collection)
(if your credit is ruined a little while, that’s OK, you can recover or live on cash)
*Private school


Great job!


Do you feel a little bit of order coming to your life?


Celebrate by noticing something beautiful around you. Blue sky. A bird. A tree. A pretty clock. A box of laundry soap?

Rest until tomorrow.

Read a good book.
Make a cup of coffee or have some wine or juice.

This was a REALLY BIG DAY!

When you are ready, go to Step D.