Eh, non.

Image from Pimsleur on iBooks

Months ago, I was doing well learning French while on my walks; mumbling “bonjour” at my other walking-the-neighborhood neighbors, dogs in tow. It was a bit like juggling while walking, but I liked the challenge. I made it as far as putting petrol in a car, finding the road to Paris, and asking about peoples’ children and apartments.

Since my mom died, I just can’t will myself to do it.

I can listen to audiobooks in English, but why can I not restart my French lessons?

According to Gaia Vince of the Mosaic blog, my brain would be physically trying to do 2 things: suppressing English, Spanish, & Mandarin while actively growing.

No wonder.

At first, all I could do was watch Harry Potter movies. Over time, I returned to walking, then added audiobooks and podcasts.

I think I can give myself some grace here.

My brain will let me know when it is ready for French again.

And that is ok.


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