Hope is on the way!

Nobody likes their annual checkup. If you do, you’re weird and probably love kale. I won’t speak to you for a year and may spit in your general direction.

All my blood levels came back great except lipids (genetic) and thyroid-I don’t have one. It was taken 20 years ago by a nurse in a lead moonsuit who opened a think lead capsule holder and said “drink these”.

With a goiter, my choices at the time were “atomic cocktail” or lupus. Super.

For the last year, I’ve been trying to muddle through the nationwide shortage of dessicated thyroid with some garbage called T3/T4. Guess who doesn’t respond to that? Me.

Subsisting on 500 calories/day with excercise is not living. It’s just not. Try “eating” just 500 cals per day whilst gaining 25 lbs and see how YOU feel.




Like giving up.

But help is coming. My doc phoned my pharmacy to see if they had dessicated. I pray to God they do. If not, she will perservere to find a pharm.

If I lose that 25 again, does that mean new clothes? Oh, let’s hope so!

Spring is coming!

Image modified from 20th Century Fox. 1977. Star Wars: A New Hope


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