If I eat a model…No, wait

Cannibalism is illegal in most states, I bet…

If I eat LIKE a model, would I gain, lose, or stay the same?

Models have taken to youtube to describe making “easy” meals and what they eat in a day.

Ok, I saw ONE model doing this and she has a Nordic accent, so, I’m inclined to believe her even though she’s a dreaded “morning person” who ‘just woke up like an adorable bunny with cherry lipgloss.’

All these weird ingredients are involved including coconut yogurt and honey.


This experiment would go much better on my end with some thyroid (see “Hope Is On The Way”). But in the meanwhile, I can practice making the “meals” whilst skipping the kiwi. Kiwi tries to kill me with a deadlock chokehold, so I will skip it for, well, ever.

We begin with said coconut yogurt and cucumbers for breakfast. She makes a weird ginger tea with a giant dark green sprig festooning the top.

I’m not doing that.

It’s black coffee or Rockstar Zero for me.

For lunch, it’s something weird and forgetable, but dinner gets my attention. Pad Thai.

She does mention “post-workout” but I’m unclear what that means-probably not gentle pelvic yoga or walking on a treadmill sans incline with a decrepit body.

Better just make 1/2 of the darn noodles :/


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