Have you said “Thank you” to your house?

It’s a KanMari or Marie Kondo thing. In each house she visits to help those take control of their possesions instead of the possesions holding them hostage,

She pauses.

And gets on the floor.

And says a “thank you” prayer to the house.

I’m struggling with a lot medically right now (vestibular dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, no thyroid, low estrogen) and thought that this couldn’t hurt.

It felt kind, loving, and quite overdue.

I said “Thank you house for being a warm and cosy place to keep us. To keep us safe from the bears, lions, bobcats, and javelina. To support us through our tough medical journeys and our fun patio celebrations. Oh, house, thank you. We love you.”

It seemed the right thing to do at the end of pelvic yoga.

Next to the little fireplace picnic.

Soft and warm.


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