And finally, I woke up not dumb

I’ve had a cloud over my brain since last September when I collapsed with Vestibular Disorder on my bathroom floor.

So much for the advanced degree and talking about anything more meaningful than which blanket is cosiest.

This morning, the veil felt lifted.

I grabbed a Rockstar sugarfree drink to start my day. Multitasking, multithinking was no longer the realm of mere astronauts and brain surgeons. I could think of multiple things at once. Pills, my schedule, medical appointments, hair appointments, writing memoir 3 and kid’s book 3.

Had my precious brain returned to me? (“My Precious” Gollum guarding my brain in a dank cave).

Was it the verapamil (a calcium blocker that’s helping so much with the vestibular issue and gotten rid of the weird and spiraling horrible existance in A Nightmare Before Christmas world)?

Something has shifted and I’m glad because I spent much of my grad school life analyzing populations of mouse tails in Biometry I. I missed having ready access to that info.

That’s the current update. Must go. Things to think about & things to do….

Picture credit: Dumb and Dumber. 1994. New Line Cinema


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