And so, it’s Vestibular Disorder with Auras

Say what now?

My inner ears have a problem in the balance center. Medicine and a cane help with that. My brain has problems in various cortexes (audio -right in the middle of the brain, visual just at the back of the brain) that create more hallucinations without my medication. The other morning, I was floating just above me, our noses almost touching, wearing a blue Galadriel-like gown and saying “wake up. Time to wake up.” The night before that, clicky metal frog toys from my childhood. Ah, the soothing sound of weirdness.

The prescription? Special blood pressure & and calcium channel blocking medicine called Verapamil, even though my BP is still very normal.

I’ve been to 2 restaurants without any issue. The noise, the motion, the lights don’t bother me and no one looks like they’re from a Tim Burton movie. It all looks like it did before the aura nightmare started last September.

I’ve also been cleared to be on a flat treadmill with rails at the gym, surrounded by people and lights and everything. Life.

At least I am here. Almost at the point before this started.

And I have a cool Selma Blair cane that comforts me and makes me feel quite cool.


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