Now, Why Are We In Such A Hurry To Put A Blacking-Out Person Behind the Wheel?

“So, when will you drive again?” I get this question more than any other and it confounds me.

As if driving is just sooo much fun. That fun ended at 18 for me and became a drudge, commuting hither and thon for not much pay.

I’m telling y’all, you do not want me next to you when I black out: conscious blindness followed by unconscious blackout.

Nothing good could come of that. Imagine now that I’ve caused a 4 car and 1 Elk pileup and I’m upside down with my seatbelt holding me thusly.

Cop: “Ma’am, please explain.”

Me:”Well, I felt peer pressured into driving our new retirement car, though I have a medical condition that makes me black out.”

Cop:” That makes no sense.”

Me:” That’s Peer Pressure.”

Cop (checks my ID) “In your 50’s?!”

Me:”Ok, older Peer Pressure”

Cop (with my license) “Mind if I keep this?”

Me: “Not at all honey.”

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