Letgo nearly as bad as Craigslist

I’m so bummed.

I used to LOOOVE Craigslist.org

Buying and selling stuff in your own city and people were honest and not weird or insulting. I sold a server rack for $850 years ago.

But now.



Insulting offers. “Hey, I see you have a NEARLY NEW smartphone listed for a reasonable $200, won’t cha take $20 fer it?!!! Oh, and mail it to mah cousin in Nigeria? If only you will give me your bank account number?”

“Oh! I TOTALLY FORGOT we were meeting today..”


You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

Letgo app is no better. The weird, unreliable cheapskates just have a fancy app now to use on their phones they bought for $20 on Craigslist from some sucker.

I pulled all my items off Letgo today. I’m just going to go to Ebay.com trusted and true.

What’s new isn’t necessarily better.

Avoid Craigslist and Letgo.

Stay old school.


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