I never mind giving food

Anyone who lives in a big city can tell you that you become blind and deaf to panhandlers. Most of them are a scam and it seems a much better plan to give to the United Way or other charities who can help more people and help them back into society.

One youngster got my attention today at the Medical Center.

A very thin young man asked “Miss (bonus points for not ma’am), I’m hungry. May I have some food?”

Something made me stop And backup..

“What do you want?”

“A meatball sandwich please.” He said

So I felt compelled to get him a footling sandwich, toasted, with a cookie and water.

He was very appreciative and I asked if he was ok. 

“I’m sad”he said.

“I’m sorry. I will pray for you.” I replied. 

He seemed too old to call the police to find his mother but young enough that I wanted to ask where his family was.

I thought of the children I saw in Peru 30 years ago who chased our train and were so happy that we were giving them loaves of bread. Like stray dogs.

Little puppies.

Those hungry little faces.

As I got into my car and drove away today, I felt a lump in my throat thinking “Poor puppy, he’s someone’s son.”

Someone probably wonders where he is.


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