Meeting Jon Acuff

What was it like to meet Jon Acuff?

Well, very cool!


I drove 2 hours uphill in the snow….

No-I couldn’t sleep well the night before for fear I would miss my alarm on my new Huawei phone.

which is a bit like a Yoda phone,but that, young Patwan, is for another post…

I did drive in the dark though and parked like Clark in the Dark.

which explains my 10 minute hike across a church campus that seemed that it would be beautiful in the daylight…

Jon was speaking when I walked in.

I wasn’t late but other early birds were earlier.

He spoke about his concepts in his new book, teaching the way he writes-funny and heartfelt.

His final words of wisdom were “do something that helps people first and worry about marketing later.”

We were all cracking up!

And then we had a chance to speak-what have we done that is near and dear to our hearts and then the hard part-we needed to say what it was

in public.

we had to brag on ourselves a little.

I thanked Jon for recently following me at @suzewannabe on twitter.

I mentioned that I am a retired geologist and now write on my blogs. I specifically mentioned and research for endometriosis.

not even the medical community wants to talk about it.

it is not as cool as breast cancer. Endo has neither the research money nor cache’.  Boobs are sexy. troubles involving our gizzards are not.

Other amazing people there:
*an Optometrist who hand-knits beautiful dolls.
*a former EMT pilot who wants to sell houses instead.
*the author of “A Girl and Her Warhorse”
*a photographer who now calls herself an artist
*a mathmetician, a teacher whose dreams I will remember at some really inopportune time-maybe while I’m at VAULT. Apparently, Vault is a place in Houston where art meets excercise: whirling around on fabric suspended from the air.

I admited to seeing this on The Real Housewives of “insert fav city here”.

Though it sounds like something I should do to a cat I don’t like, I  must go a vaulting and whirl about. Then I will remember the other dreams.

I wanted to hear them all.

What if I had videoed each dream?

Dangit-I thought of that too late.

At the end of the 1 hour session, a young couple came up to me in near tears wanting the name of welliebellie. You see, she was going to Atlanta for her first endo operation next week. They hugged and thanked me.



The book “Do Over” comes out in April.

A must read from a great guy and superb author.


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