How long will you live?

I have a book called “The book of questions”

One of the questions is “if you could know your death date, would you want to?”


I could totally plan that way.

I’m taking a 2 day retirement class. One question that concerns most retirees is “will you outlive your money?”

I took this online test
my most likely age is 90.

Sorry potetial heirs. Cookie dough and wine may get my money, not you.

it didn’t ask
“do you ever have to drive on the Houston freeways?”

90 is too dang long for me.

Cookie dough will cost $7 then. Wine will be $35.

Good Lord. What clothes will be cute on me at 90 for God sakes?

I want to care for my older self now and am so glad I started to care for the almost-50 me in my 30s.

Want to take the test?

but I do need to plan for it.


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