Trigger Store

No matter who you are you probably have a trigger store.

– A store where you feel like you MUST buy something!

Currently, mine is New York and company.

I get these salivating emails:

“Only buy three items and I get all of them half off?”

And look at this beautiful, fashionable lady:

Chic and classic.

Well, I was just there two weeks ago, let’s see what’s new….

So I went in.

There were a few new things but nothing that screamed “buy me!”

And I didn’t see that cool outfit anywhere.

I felt since I had to replace my entire wardrobe via NYC and Co. post surgery, “I am enough, I have enough.”

I’m really happy with what I already have right in my own little closet.

And so, this time, I walked out empty-handed with a full closet and heart.


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