DSW and Angels wear size 9


Yesterday at the dentist office was a bit trying-more about that in another post.

Sometimes when I’m upset, I just need to look at or try on shoes.

DSW is like “Fantasy Island”.

Ricardo Montalban:
“Styles, everyone, styles!”

I wandered through the vast warehouse of pumps, gladiators and wedges looking for a caged heel sandal.

Then I ventured into the back part of the island where usually bad-luck tiki gods lurk in the size 9 section.

“well, we have these glitterati stilletos or some sensible flats….”

But there they were.

Nine West platform pumps in blush. Gorgeous.

On clearance for $42.


Shoe angels were with me and wearing size 9!

For Throw Back.Thursday, an old post about repairing my old shoes:

“I am no cobbler”
November 2014

I was so excited when my heel repair parts arrived from eBay.

I attempted multiple times to pull out the metal pins inside some of the heels to little avail. Able to replace heels on 1 pair, it’s possible. I just need some sort of workshop and proper tools in our metro condo to get the pins out.

What would cost to bring the shoes to the Houston Shoe Hospital and have them just pull out the pins for me?

If it’s more than about $25 I’ll probably just buy a new pair. I found exact replacements for $25 on Poshmark App.

I also found exact replacements for my little snakeskin print pointy toes but not for my polka dotted pumps. They have a hole in the bottom and didn’t stand up to walking on our last date-well loved shoes.

But do I really want exact replacements?

I’m really Jonesing over these Betsy Johnson chunky heels and I cannot find anything similar in stores.

But $75 for shoes that I’m not sure it will fit?
Perhaps I will try to bargain with the seller because they’re exactly what I’m looking for.

I was glad I was able to replace at least one pair. Kind of a sense of accomplishment in doing that. I did notice that getting the pin out is easier if the heel isn’t worn completely to the pin.

I went through my closet searching for additional patients…all heels in tact but I will keep my eye on them.

And keep my day job.


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