Lowestmed App

There’s a new app that compares RETAIL prices on medications called “Lowestmed”.

It will ask for a location-accept so that you will get correct price info for your area.

Enter the name of the drug to compare. A common one is Crestor for high cholesterol (which is a bit of hooey if you read the latest research-it’s inflammation (from wheat and corn most likely) and 1 small type of low-density cholesterol particle, not total high LDL causing heart attacks). I digress…

You enter the amount of days-typically 30 for retail, then prices and retailers pop up:

Ouch! What a price! Gah!

It pulls Costco up in this case (you should calculate your membership cost and add to it I think). Plus, you need to consider if you want the hassle of GOING INTO Costco, WalMart, Target and the like. I would gladly pay a little extra for drive-thru.

It offers a discount code for you:

Worth a try if you must have your Rx today-just show at the pharmacy so they can enter the price.

If you have mail-order, you may save a TON here-OptumRX or ExpressScripts. This is the ExpressScripts price:

I see you scratching your head…

Why, on earth, are retail meds so darn expensive vs mail order?!!

That, my friends, may be ripe for investigation in another post…


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