Money: Marry, House, & Car Part 1

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Ever wondered about your choices in life? “If I had married this person instead of that person, what would my lifestyle be like?”

In a 3 part series, I will show you who tends to marry whom, what their combined income is, what apartment or house they can afford, and what cars they can afford. Groceries and Netflix were left out of the equations but debt was included.

According to, the #1 job in the US is a cashier. I chose the top 25 jobs and combined them with the fascinating which tells you who marries who.

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Let’s look at who cashiers marry:

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Hmmm.. here’s the link. I know you want to play with it:

*Truck drivers-turns out a lot of professions choose truck drivers.

*Sales people

What would a cashier’s combined net* income look like with these 2 different professions?

1. Sales person + Cashier = $17,441.28/year

2. Truck driver + Cashier = $49,217.34/year

*Total gross income adjusted for standard tax deduction of $24,800 and then the remainder taxed at 12% to get take-home pay.

In the next post, I’ll show you at what point a couple could afford a house, and what kind of house they could afford. I’ll include the impact of the most common debt as well.


2020 Federal Tax Rates, Brackets, & Standard Deductions

Excel spreadsheet from yours truly


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