A million km

2 years ago I was bed-ridden from pelvic floor dysfunction. I had 15 Botox surgeries to try to get the muscles to stop spasming.


I had many near hopeless days.

I thought of Job. He never quit despite having boils on his skin and many other afflictions.

So I prayed. And thought of Job some more.

And played games on my phone.

By surgery 15, there was disaster and hope. I had to self catheter for 2 months. That is hell on earth I can tell you.

But then, after 2 months, I could “go” on my own. At 3 months, there was no more pain when the Botox wore off. Even at 4 months, no pain. 5, 6.

Could I start walking? At first it was just my home circle. Then I added a side street. Some pain. Ok. Time to back off. Each time, I stuck my toe in the water a little more.

Today I walked 3.7 miles! That’s the equivalent to a million km I think… I never thought that would be possible. It took 2 years but I never gave up. Not even when struck down with vestibular disorder and vertigo. I listened to my body, backed off when pain came. Had rest days.



Use a proper miles-to-km calculator.


One thought on “A million km

  1. good gosh. the fact that you went through all that is one thing…but then to overcome like you have is definitely another. Grit has a new name__Suzewannabe….amazing

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