Skinnies Drink Mix-Meh

Insta has my number. Especially late at night. They know I love to try new products for my readers. Enter *Skinnies* zero calorie powder drink mixes.

I bought the variety pack for $20 some-odd, dreaming of several month’s worth of mocktails and cocktails.

My favourite was the MaiTai though, as with all of them, I needed 2 packets for a 10oz icy drink (who just drinks a wee 4oz drink? How adorable).

My least fav was the mojito. It’s the last box on my counter. Poor the mojito; refreshing, but just not my taste.

All of them were pretty watery and lacklustre. I was bummed.

For now, I will stick to my squirty bottle of strawberry banana Crystal Light for about $3 for 6 drinks. And big ones at that.


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