Who is Mr. W.?

“Mr. W.” is my husband and for privacy reasons, I refer to him as “Mr. W.”; short for Mr. Wannabe. I am Suze Wannabe as an online writer.

This way, I can write about funny things that happen without forcing him into the limelight. Ever been tagged in a photo online without your permission? Inevitably, you are in said photo with closed eyes and bad hair. There you are.

Will you ever change your website to your real name? I don’t know. The domain name suzewannabe.com comes up for renewal each year. It’s possible that all the content would be lost, so, not in the near future, plus the ladies I look up to-Suze Orman and Suzanne Somers, are still living.

In an age of no privacy, I like to hold on to what remains*

*Except TSA-they will probably always know what kind of underwear I have…

Image modified from underwearoffer.com


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