On a diet and invited to Chipoltle? No problem

Sedona has a Chipoltle (Tex Mex) restaurant with the most beautiful view of the Red Rocks (view above from the patio of Chipoltle). Mr. Wannabe & I love Chipoltle because we can customise bowls and salads.

While counting my calories, I have lost 3 (1kg +) of 18 lbs and didn’t want to undo what I’ve done with too much cheese or guacamole. (10 of these lbs came from France I think-the cheese, bread, and croissants are just too delicious and I used a lot of vodka for extra pain control).

What should I put in my salad?

There’s an online tool for that! As you add & subtract items, it adds & subtracts the calories, so that you can know exactly what to order ahead of time:



Fajita veggies

Cheese-a small amount (I realise that constraining with those large spoons can be hard).

Rice? No. Too high in calories. Subtract.


Hoorah! Just 300kCal Calories

Try it here:



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