What keeps me going?

I realise the gravitasse of Tuesday’s post.

I have days like that. Tough days. When overcoming this chronic pain seems impossible. And I feel discouraged.

So, what keeps me going and encourages me?

A few things:

*Seeing Mr. W-a hug or funny behaviour when he’s had two cups of coffee, has eyes like saucers, and has chased the morning’s squirrel. I’ve just woken up and he warns “I had 2 cups of coffee, read about my camera, and chased Mr. Squirrel!”

*Reading notes from my friend, who is going though a tough divorce (oh, no divorces are nice) & who tells me I’m her hero. My throat catches in those moments.

*Receiving funny texts, gifs, and emails from loved ones. I’ll never tire of snow in Paris, stories, & baby goat videos.

*Listening to Raffi’s music-specifically “Thanks A Lot” and “Over In The Meadow”. I listen to my Raffi playlist each night.

*Playing Paradise Bay game-it really occupies my mind that would otherwise stare at my bedroom ceiling fan.

*Knowing that I am a spirit having a human experience. The pain is horrible but my life is excellent.

*Swimming once a week in my wetsuit in the sun, diving for Nemo and Dory toys.

*Having Curiosity-the hallmark of most scientists, I want to see if this protocol with the Botox works, then share my findings with those interested.

*Lastly, seeing a Blue Spruce out my window. I’ve watched him through the seasons taking wind, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, snow, and sun. It reminds me of feeling safe in my childhood house during a thunderstorm.

It’s the small daily things that mean a lot.


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