Oopiods-know the facts & Where Are the Cement Emojis?

Last week I had round 2 of Botox injected into one of my levator ani muscles on the pelvic floor. I was under general anesthesia for it and received 4 bottles of Botox. Yes, 4 BOTTLES. And it takes 2-3 weeks to kick in. And at that point, diapers are involved.

I had a nerve block that lasted just 3 days. That’s how my body rolls-genetically, it metabolizes some medications quicker than the general population, including oopiods-my burn rate us 1.5x faster. How do I know? I have genetic-testing proof. I wish this was true with food substances, like cookie dough.

I have a love/hate relationship with oopiods. They are great for the first 2-3 days post op for accute pain. And they mess up the gut horribly by putting it to sleep.

Day 4 post op was hell. I wanted to don my wetsuit and swim, but I knew my gut was finally awake and I would be trapped in my suit with a giant poo emoji. All day, I was tethered to the LOO attempting to pass what felt like a giant bag of hardened cement. I’ve looked for a cement emoji and cannot find one…

Birthing cement out my backside made me whimper, scream, and cry. It burns worse than any bad trip to Taco Bell. It feels impossible, like it will never end. My “flap” was stuck open, cement poised with massive pressure, enemas introduced DURING. TMI? I don’t think so. You need to know what oopiods do to the body. They are a tool, nothing more.

So, am I addicted to oopiods? Hell no. I used them for as few days as possible until the injection site stopped bleeding and was healed enough to use ketamine suppositories.

Less than 0.022% die from the COMBINATION of oopiods PLUS another drug, like alcohol.

You do not know the absolute horror that is pelvic floor dysfunction (think parapalegics, car accident victims dealing with bodily functions, only I don’t have a nurse to help me). The pain is excruciating and without the bridge that oopiods provide for pain, the only other option is suicide.

Suicide and poo in one post?! Oh, I think that’s too much!

Is it? How do you think chronic pain sufferers like me feel?

Pfd is not caused by

*Not enough God, Water, Yoga, or Kale.

In my case, it was caused by being born with endo, so many surgeries to cut out endo lesions, and TOO MUCH excercise.

What helps?

Support. Believing me. Turning off the “news”. Funny pictures. Any pictures. Stories. Texts.

Know the facts before you judge:



One thought on “Oopiods-know the facts & Where Are the Cement Emojis?

  1. I cannot imagine what you are going thru. All I can offer are good thoughts and hoping that the worst is over real soon!😍

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