My muse and geese hover


Yes, you know the one.  Clodden fluffy feet.  Right shoulder, draft horse named Pehr.  I’ve been collecting details for book 3 for days and they’re beginning to reek in my brain like greymatter fish.

There was a yacht club in my past.  Now, you know I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, it’s from my past and I’ve given Mr. Past a super film noir fake name too.

Book 3 will be another memoir (real with names and some places changed) because I’m just not ready for full on adult fiction yet.

I was excited to see that Skep is near the middle of the pack of ALL amazon books.  All million of them. Maybe I sold 3 and the other half million sold one, but still! Pretty cool.

We came up to the ranch to work on the pastures, pick up errant bugs and escape Tropical Storm Cindy.  Oh lord, are we ever overdue for a good storm.  I’m glad we had the ranch to escape to.


I kept looking for the horses at the open barn door.  A big nose poking out.  But nothing.  Wind and darkness.  The tears fell.  I looked West.

Their ash boxes are here.  So there is that.  Part of them will always be here.  And half will come with us to Arizona.  The rose bush Sassy loved is blooming and I can’t stomach it.  I miss her and Sagey so.

A family of Canada geese trained flying on the lower lake as the summer solstice sun set. Momma and Poppa Goose teaching 6 youngsters to land on the water.

And this morning, lighting through the tall pasture grass about to drop its seeds, the goose family; Momma and Pop on lookout, teaching the young ones how to zip seeds off the grass with their mouths.

Just like the horses used to do.



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