Corporate Card AMEX points- What to do with them

If you think you”ll get rich with AMEX points, think again, They’re only worth about $0.01 each.

at best.

Mr W retires in about a week and as such, must relinquish his corporate card.

He does get to keep the AMEX points he has racked up over many years and we wondered what in the world to do with them; which giftcards to choose.

We were not allowed to choose from travel point conversion, but did look at hotels since we travel a lot. With those, you get $0.007 (7 tenths of a cent per point).

To keep it all straight I created a spreadsheet.

Yes, I “nerd” so that you don’t have to. There, I’ve just created a new verb…!Arb_i5aKhhKpeQZDNtXg84ibOao

What we found is that the car rental gift cards cannot be added to discount portals like Orbitz or Ebates. Nor can you use a coupon in addition to them. Jerks.

We decided on the Morton’s restaurant card because we can use it at many restaurants around town. Three fancy dates to celebrate-oh what fun!


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