Carb loading, guys hot for my husband, and suburban Hobbits

I carb loaded for 3 days and it was terrible.

“Preparing to run a mini marathon for charity? How noble!”

Um. No. 

For drinking vodka.

My husband retired yesterday and, well, you can imagine a big celebration. Drinks, dinner, dancing, suburban desperation.

Guys hitting on me….and him.

Of note, a blitzed, Texas Samwise Gamgee bohunk complementing my husband on his outfit: “Dude! You look AWESOME!” (“I haven’t seen those kinda threads outside the Shire!” Let’s dance!”) We were partying in the suburbs, and yes, please always expect a Tolkien reference in most of my posts.


I wanted to avoid the known: acetylaldehyde poisoning I get by being in ketosis when I have a “Gaboo” (a tall vodka, water, ice with sugar free Tang, named lovingly after a family friend).

I remembered that it took 3 days of carbs to get me out of ketosis and back to “normal”.

I stuffed myself with brown rice pasta (“a wad of macaroni” said Mr. W), veggies, salads, breads for 3 days. My gut revolted, writhing in pain, refusing to let me sleep on night 1.

I noticed that my energy was so low the next 3 days. We insulin-resistant types don’t get the sugar high, we just go looking for more and more sugar.

Suddenly, the Starbucks Venti Americano became my new best friend a few times a day just to stay awake.

Retiring is a big deal and I wanted to celebrate along with everyone and let loose. I can without vodka but it seems more fun with a snort or 3.

So, yes, by day 4, good news and bad:

The Good: no “poisoning” on night 3.

The bad: On day 4, I can’t fit into my jeans and so, had to wear party dress from night before. Oh, the shame….

“FAT Hobbit!”

I think I’ll take 1 night of poisoning vs. 3 days of intestinal misery.

Back to ketosis.

And Mordor…

For my French readers, a “bohunk” is like a Gaston 😉 from Provence. “Allo, allo!” Bonjourrrrr!”


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