Embracing my body with scars.

I have had 12 surgeries.


5 big ones for removing endometriosis lesions.

2 for leptin-resistance.

And many others.

That means a lot of scars.

And avoiding mirrors for 2 years.

“If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist…”

I haven’t been able to look at my big abdominal scar for over 2 years.

And after this Summer That Never Was, I have been able to workout and start getting back into shape.

A small shift happened.

One recent day, I looked.

And it wasn’t so bad, in fact, for 48, pretty good. And I felt encouraged. ” I can do this.”

And slowly, I can get reacquainted with my mirror.

Soon, we’ll get past the first-date awkwardness. And grow to love each other again.


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