Did you overlook these in your budget? A test run of Everydollar Plus app

We’re going on month 3 of having our budget in Everydollar plus.

And we love it.

It’s great to have at our fingertips-we always know what the annual property taxes will be, so it’s never a horrible surprise when it’s due.

It also helped us find those yearly hidden ones you may miss:

Amazon Prime Membership $99

Costco Exec Membership.      $110

AARP Membership.                  $12

Blog domain fee.                       $29

AAA Membership.                    $150

Zander ID theft ins.                  $144

Total.                                              $544

It all adds up and might catch you off guard.

Here’s what we do:

Have a second savings account (separate from your emergency fund) at a different bank-Ally, for example. 

Set up an automatic transfer each month for annual expenses:

In this case, $45.33/month

Then, reimburse yourself from savings before or after you pay that annual bill.


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