How did Stash react to the election?

So, how did Stash do over the election?

Better than I thought, actually. The gains were around 2% and losses less than 1%.

Overall, I had a gain of $0.57. Alright!

After capital gains tax of 15%, I would get about $0.48!

That would buy … NOTHING. And it would cost more to mail the 1099 tax form and our CPA to deal with it that it’s worth.

But keep in mind, I’ve only been at this for a few months, so it’s really too early to tell.

We’re still behind inflation plus taxes (6%), so it’s better than having buried the money in the backyard. Time will tell.

Let’s see how it reacts to our new president taking office in January and having about 2 years with a same-party congress.


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