4K TV and Xbox One S How To- 36 bits per pixel

I was ready to toss the new Xbox One S into the street.

If you’ve bought any new movies lately, you may have seen “4K” or “UHD”. These won’t play in a Blu-ray player.

As of November 2016, there’s  really only one device that will play these movies well:

Xbox One S

Here’s how to get it to work:

1. Don’t mess with any settings on your 4K TV. It’s smarter than you and won’t allow it.

2. Connect your Xbox One S to your TV via an HDMI cable (or through your receiver thingy if you’re more advanced than me at the moment). HDMI 4 works great for this

3. TV remote-Input button 

select the HDMI where you connected your Xbox One S. HDMI 4, for example

4. Xbox remote

click the main white circle Xbox button

Joystick on L side of remote

Left side-gear icon 

All Settings-A (select) button 

Joystick-Display & Sound-A button

Joystick-Video Output-A button

Display – TV Resolution 4K -A button


Video Fidelity -Color Depth-

36 bits per pixel -A button

“Revert to previous display?”

Joystick left

Select “No”

A button


On Xbox One S: 

Download the Blu-ray app

Xbox remote Home button

Joystick at top screen-Store

Joystick -bottom-search-A button

Search on “blu”

Select Blu-ray player app



To play your 4K movie

TV remote HDMI 4

Insert 4K movie into Xbox One S

Now it should play automatically w the Blu-ray app at 4K resolution

I still have some geeky teenager in me 😉


One thought on “4K TV and Xbox One S How To- 36 bits per pixel

  1. 36 bpp seems to be unnecessary since no content can use it. At worst, it might slow fps due to downconvert, or so I’ve heard.

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