Eyelash extension place 2

Over the next year, I am searching Groupon in Houston for the best eyelash extension place.
Each are being ranked 1-10 with the following criteria





*Customer Service


Today was an adventure. Distances look deceivingly close on the map, but far in actual driving and with traffic.

Expert Nails:

*Location-1 Bad part of town and far away

*Cleanliness-7. It seemed nice upon walking in but my appt. was cancelled without a phone call, so, I really didn’t get to see the rest.

*Atmosphere 7. spa like with calm lighting but cramped workspace. The creepy surroundings detracted.

*Friendliness -10. Very friendly staff. The lash tech was even willing (at snapping by male mgr to cancel her Dr. Appt. to come in and make me happy. I told her “No. Your health is more important than my lashes.” I’m no saint, I was mad but still reasonable.)

*Customer Service -1 Here’s where they could have turned it around. Like perhaps a free shellac pedi for my trouble? I at least got a free water.

* Value -7 Full set of Mink Lashes for $54 but extra harrowing driving on freeways and bad part of town plus goofing on my spot and not calling -3.

Groupon to the rescue!

I was able to “chat” on my iPhone with a Groupon agent and get credit right away to apply to the next place.

I called the next place and drove on scary freeway, having a car lock up right behind me but not hit me, thank God. Gah!

It turns out, it’s a place I go to often when we have Sichuan or Hot Pot. The ladies know me.

Deluxe Salon and Spa 8

*Location 8. Far, involves tricky freeway mad skills to get here. An ok part of town.

*Cleanliness 8. Pretty clean, instruments sterile though it always seems cluttered to me.

*Atmosphere 7. Not so spa-like. Weird Ion channel and 80s lite FM always on but spacious.

* Friendliness 10. These ladies are always so friendly and can always fit me in.

*Customer Service 10. Always accommodating, willing to please.

*Value 8. $75 About what others are charging for Mink lashes. Minks last about 4 weeks, less if you’re a side-sleeper (my L eye has been sans lashes for 3 weeks, so I look like a creepy Toy Story doll in the hands of “Sid”. Let’s see how long these last.


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