What was the best $ you spent this week?


This idea is from a fellow blogger at halfbanked.com, a millenial saving half her income to retire early.

My first thought was “oh, that coffee with Baileys at lunch at the Menil Bistro after the Rothko Chapel!” (Who am I kidding, I had “2 coffees” while I wrote my Rothko post).


Then I realised-

The tank of petrol for about $40 USD.

(Friends, don’t worry, I’m not snooty or British, just formerly “in the energy biz”. “Gas” means “methane, ethane, butane” etc buried in the ground…OR a bad choice from Taco Bell…)

A full tank meant I got to drive Babybatmobile to whisk my friend away for a movie and lunch.

I learned:

that I needed to get out more.

that I don’t freak out in Houston traffic if the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire is playing.

that my friend and I are like twins and have overcome so much adversity in life and we are still here, aging gracefully, loving our loved ones, wanting to still be loved despite scars and wrinkles.

that next time, we really need more hours just to chat instead of a movie.

What about you?

What was the best $ you spent this week?


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