Flakes are Toxic


I’m not talking about corn here,  although my nephew used to call the above “chicken cereal”.

I mean people you can’t count on.

Those who repeatedly cancel plans moments before.


I had a friend years ago, and at the time, I thought we were thick as thieves. Lunches, shopping at craft places on the weekends, coffee into the wee hours.

It seemed there was a REALLY SUDDEN change.

We would make plans for a movie, lunch etc. I would get all ready, fluffing my hair, putting on makeup etc.. Then 1 hour before…she couldn’t make it for 1 reason or another or no reason at all. Later on, I found out she had to get her nails filled. (Why not just tell me ‘nails-over-friends’?)

A person can only take being rejected so many times. And taking a back seat to solar nails hurt. I felt that 5 chances was more than gracious so I stopped phoning or emailing.

Being a flake sent the message loud and clear:  “You are less important than my massage or nails or examining my grass clippings.”

Had I done something?

Was she ill? (No, I asked).

I was giving and getting nothing in that relationship and started doing my own thing on Saturdays.

Lonelier? Yes, but I removed some of that toxicity from my life.

And I don’t put up with flakes.

Image altered from kelloggs.com

Kelloggs Corn Flakes is a registered trademark.


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