Low Carb Lamb Burger Sliders


I had to take a quick pic of this before it got eaten, these are so good:

“Sliders” made from “Living Butter Lettuce” as the “bun”.

You don’t need all the carbs, sugar and inflammation.

1 small handful fresh cilantro leaves
1 small handful fresh mint leaves
juice of 1 lime or 1T
(Blend in blender or food processor)

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

2 lbs ground lamb or mashed beans equivalent
1 T garlic
1 fresh jalepeno deseeded and minced
Melted butter in fry pan

3. BUN
Living Butter Lettuce
Rinse and pat dry

1 med red onion, sliced
Olive oil
Kosher Salt (corn free)

Add leaf and lime mixture to yogurt and stir.

Put in fridge

1tsp of each:
(You can make a large batch, put in baggie and then use 5 tsp of entire mixture later)

Label your baggie, so that you don’t think it’s for chili or gingerbread cookies….

1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground tumeric
1 tsp ground paprika

2 lbs lamb or turkey or (mashed black beans if you are veg)

Hand mix spices to your “meat”

Optional (I am allergic, otherwise I would)

1 T Minced garlic
1 minced fresh jalapeño (use plastic baggies on your hands to chop and discard seeds, otherwise you will get “Hunan” burning hands. If you do, soak hands in vinegar).

Mix those in to the meat.

Make small, slider-sized patties.

In a medium hot frying pan, put a little butter, then add the slider-sized patties and cook to your liking (med rare to med)

Add a dollop of green sauce to the bottom butter leaf.
Put cooked patty on the leaf
Add another dollop on the patty.
Top with second butter lettuce “top”

Slice a red onion
Put into a baggie with olive oil and kosher salt
Take out some small pieces and put on the dolloped patty top before the butter lettuce top goes on.

Good luck having any left overs…

Modified from recipe by Rachael Ray:



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