I am ruined from buying cheap jewelry


My husband has ruined me or fixed me depending upon your point of view.

I used to have so much costume jewelry, it could make your head spin.

I blame the 1980’s in a way.

We’re we NOT supposed to wear cute Parrott or zipper earrings? A pair for every outfit.

Road trips were MADE for costume jewelry. Wooden bracelet at the Grand Canyon that read “made in Spain”.


I fell in love with a white buffalo turquoise necklace at Antelope Canyon.

” ooo that would be preey on my black maxi dress!”

And then I asked my husband to check the stones.



Made on the Navajo Nation.

Good God.

After several beautiful birthday and Christmas gifts, my eye is dialed in to the expensive stuff now.

Nothing to buy at the gift shops but T shirts and little children gifts. (Food and seeds are my favorite but don’t pack well).

The best part of being jewelry-rescued besides no green skin is simplicity and minimalism. It really is less stressful to have a few high quality items then a ton of costume jewelry.

I am content when “things”  no longer define me.

I am ruined but I am saved.


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