Bring your Zen with you


I read some unrealistic, whiney reviews on Trip Advisor regarding Antelope Canyon.

“It’s so crowded!”

“I was looking forward to meditating.”

“I thought they might clear the entire Canyon for me today!” (OK this one is fake, but you get the gist).

Cough up the estimated $ 90,000 it takes to rent the park for a day and you can have it all to yourself.

Antelope Canyon has lots of people looking for something in a space no wider than a human.

*Great photos

The fact of the matter is, anywhere you go in the world can be beautiful and have all these features if that is what you bring with you.

Except for Juliaca, Peru or

Cincinatti, Ohio.

Juliaca may be the armpit of the world and Cincinatti has the rudest people on the planet, Zen mindset or no (If you live there, I’m sorry, you should move).

“Why do you pick on Cincinatti?”

Order food there anywhere and if you’re not met with a surly “whad’ya want?!” let me know.

“And the Zenmaster said ‘do not enter at Cincinatti.’ ”

I’m pretty sure about that.

The American West is a neat place for rocks and native history, but word has gotten out and people from all over the world come to see this magnificent land. Today I heard French, German, Korean, Italian, Mandarin and British English walking just a few steps.

I remember reading “Eat, Pray, Love” a few years ago at the most difficult time in my life.

The author described mediation in India and supposed that enlightenment would come easily to her if she happened to be in India with the right clothes, people and mantras.

It didn’t.

Trappings of meditation don’t bring enlightenment, contentment does.

I can be Zen in most situations and locations around the world and have learned that one must always have plan B,C..Z and stay present (Ekhart Tolle “The Power of Now”).

Screaming babies are the Cincinatti of my mind though. It may always be a challenge for me.

When I have good internet connectivity again, I may post on Trip advisor about Antelope Canyon:

“Worth it- go see it!”
“Beautiful and cooler temps”
“Meet people you haven’t met before” (we met a sweet Chinese family and got to inflict our Mandarin on them)

“If you are looking to the rocks for Zen, kindly remember this:

Professional photos may not accurately depict how well-loved these rocks are from people all over the world. Often, photos either clip out people or the photographers have rented the site for the day at a minimum cost of $90,000. It could very well be your National Geographic membership dues at work…”


“It’s an awful lot of pressure for the rocks to cure humans of all ills. 

You are well-advised to bring your own water and Zen with you.”


2 thoughts on “Bring your Zen with you

  1. With a rough economy people are finding great pleasure in visiting these beautiful places rather than taking a cruise. Our National Parks have shown all time high’s in attendance the last several years. It was nice that you had the opportunity to take in the beauty, but like you I always long for a quiet place.

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