The other “Suze”

I was inspired to write this post after some discussions with friends who haven’t gone through menopause yet but are beginning to get symptoms.
Since I went through it surgically about 10 years ago, the hell I went through is a distant memory.

Everyone knows I love Suze Orman for learning about wealth, but there is another “Suze” I love for health:

Suzanne Somers is fabulous.

Because of her, I refuse to feel rotten and have taken control of my health and appearance as I age. I want to be as cute on the outside as I feel on the inside.

Image modified from

Ms.Sommers is my beacon of how I want to be in 20 years and makes me unafraid of getting older. In fact, now feels like the BEST years of my life @ almost 46.

Does 50 or 60 scare me? Hell no!

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What I do?
*Bioidentical hormones in levels of a 20 year old:

*Bioidentical thyroid in levels right for me:

*Vegan Supplements
(stay tuned-I’ll share my secrets)
*Organic Foods mostly
If you’re paying more than $10/vial you’re getting ripped off
Cost is about $210/4 months

*Juvederm XC
Cost is about $500/1-2 years

*Kandee Johnson Makeup tips
Dior Airbrush makeup:

Glam or photos:

Mila Kunis

Simple Day-red lips


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