if you have not seen the classic episode of Lucy trying to sell Vitameatavegimin and getting blasted in the process…you have missed out:

Health product makers have always loved to put all kinds of weird crap into supplements it seems: “meat”, Vegggeteebuhlz, hair of the dog…

A few years ago, I read Suzanne Somers’ book entitled “Sexy Forever”. I have followed her for years because, like me, she has gotten good results from alternative medicine.

I was engrossed: I think I read it in less than 2 days.

What struck me was the phrase “I have access to the best medical care in the world and now I’m going to share it with you.”


She had a long list of supplements she takes and how to find them on her website.

If you’re like me, you notice that $35 here and there really begins to add up.
As a scientist and tinkerer, I researched a better way for me to afford the same thing without sacrificing quality. via was the answer.

What I love about Vitacost, aside from the huge savings, is that I can look at the supplement ingredients and check for anything I’m allergic to (soy, lacto anything, malto anything). Most of Vitacost supplement offerings are vegan and allergy free.

My list for women is already ready for you @ vitacost.
Guys, not to panic, I have one for you too.

when you make a profile, click the person icon
“my list”

search for
suze wannabe

You’re welcome:)

“Hey! what about the guys?!”

I didn’t forget you and have helped my guy on the road to good health and feeling good.

So, Hotze Health and Wellness for starters:

Men start to go through andropause around age 40 and there us no need to suffer. They recommend a weekly testosterone injection (bioidentical).

Supplements? Yea, I got you too:
person icon
my list
search on “suze wannabem”


Well, what the heck are these for?
Most are anti-aging like increasing cell telomere length, helping the mitochondria and what not.

1-3mg Melatonin at night-bam!
5HTP 100-200mg at night-calm
Inositol-like a glass of wine some say. Doesn’t work on me but worth a try.

Lemon Balm-some say this works
L-Tyrosine-this works.
Something else uber cool about L tyrosine-it may help with colour blindness. I found this out at the Drs. office after taking it.

I had no IDEA the PETCO sign was so beautiful at night!!!

B12 cinnamon drops
only get these here
the raspberry ones from vitacost are awful.

I was mortified to see that my green tea phytosomes have soy.
I might try this:

When you feel better, you are more powerful. When you are more powerful, you attract wealth.

Here’s $10 to use on your first order

also check for codes

Just remember to look at ingredients-esp. maltodextrin, soy and




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