Rent your extra car?

Image modified from Turo app & Apple app store

Have you heard of these apps that let you rent others’ or your car like Hertz?




I had a look at all 3 apps and the one that I could look at without signing up was Turo.

AARP bulletin (Jul/Aug 2020) suggests that one could save and/or make $ doing this. How does it work? You get the iphone Turo app, then put in your city, and look for a car. You can filter by price.

A possible catch is insurance. Your own insurance may not cover you, so you are left with 4 options through Liberty Mutual. I couldn’t make sense of the options to offer explanations here, but if you want to explode your mind with insurance-ese, here you go:

What about renting? It’s a bit like Uber. The person renting requests your extra car via Turo and you bring it to them wherever they are and hand over your keys or fob. Turo then gives you a percentage of the rental at the end I suppose.

Here’s a sticking point: ever hear someone say in a rental car “Whoops! Well, it’s a rental.” ? My point exactly. No one will care for your car the way you do.

One upside of renting? It opens up more possibilities of rent cars in smaller cities and towns.

As with everything new, there are downsides and up.

If any insurance agents are reading this and can make sense of the 4 Turo isurance options, I would love to hear from you.


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