Well, so you’re stuck in the wild, now what?

Just when I think we don’t live in the wild, my husband tells me that we have bobcats making a nest under the patio.

Bobcats known to kill deer.

The wild.

We live in it & I have Vestibular brain disorder.

Day 2 of being able to walk around the neighborhood facade of the wild.

And after a day of glorious cloud cover, the sun comes out. Ugh!

Despite my polarized vestibular glasses, shadows flicker, blinding me. I want to drop. Cower. Give up. Call my husband to come get me.

I walk on. Brain m-damaged-or-Whatever and all.

I must go on.

I stop in the shadow. Regain composure instead of panicking and giving way to cars, lions or coyotes.

My Inner Marine is not lost…

“C’mon You Puss! You have Limp Bizkit with you. Soldier the F#%^ on!”

And so I do.

Shading my polarized eyes. My polarized brain.

Born wrong, infected, or whatever, so who cares?!


“You’re on par with that neurologist. As a scientist, you know you are just as smart. You’ve been reading. She’s been trapped for 10 years doing basic triage.

What you’re doing is working for now. Giving you some illusion of life.”

Keep going.

Keep thinking & researching.

Keep reading.

Keep walking.

Don’t give up.

Image modified from kidsearch.com


One thought on “Well, so you’re stuck in the wild, now what?

  1. And you know we keep waiting for you feeling better and don’t forget our next dream: going back to the canyons because it was too short last time but what so great memories. And I need new great ones to keep going myself.

    Keep going, you will do it !!

    We love you 💕💕😘.


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