I love my Ostrich Pillow!

Remember back in the deh, when all you had was a sweatshirt rolled up and around your head at the airport for your own “Safe Space”?

Just me? Ok, stay in denial…

No more.  Now you can create your own napping pillow around your neck or head.

The perfect nappytime is here (not as in a UK nappy…but well).

It’s the Ostrich Pillow!

I loved it so much that it made me think of Isotoner.  In a good way,; classic perfect gift.  Ruby Sue remembered the commercials from the late 1980s of expensive-looking women getting the expensive (for Ruby Sue) gloves and slippers. Her man must LOVE her!

My ostrich pillow was a birthday gift from Mr. W and that night at dinner (ok, after some bloody Marys) I remarked, “They’re the isotoner of head gear.”  Mr. W. Was hoooowling with laughter, holding his sides, tears running down his face. 

I finally got him!  

Finally something as funny as a monkey-picked tea story!

But really, I didn’t know what on Gods green earth was so funny.

While wiping his tears, he managed the words “Dan…Marino”, “desperate….husband….Christmas….Eve gift!”  I checked YouTube and sure enough.  Omg!  Exactly that for men.  Pitched to them on Sports channels as an “I’ve given up, help!” type gift! Wife nearby with frying pan probably.

The waiter and other guys around concurred.

Hilarity ensued.

We will chuckle about it for years.

Meanwhile I’ll go stick my head in the sand…pillow.  And enjoy amazing naps!

You can buy this miracle here:



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