Recipes about whole fish to Meditate?

I have a crinkly O (Oprah) magazine that I have delayed reading because my eyes are bad and the topic is meditation. It’s going to be a difficult read because the new Harry Potter book is out and my mind is devouring it and great Provencal recipes.

Yesterday we had the most amazing meal in the Camarge Mediteranian area of France.

There were no towers of weentsie gourmand items puréed and topped with micro greens, but whole fish, zucchini in cream, and rice. You can bet I stuffed myself with all of it and stained the adorable red and white checkered farmhouse linens.

The whole fish was most mesmerizing. The chef brought it to our Provencal table and at first, I was under the impression we were to dine on about 2 lbs of sea bass tartare. The fish (Let’s call him “Herbert”)  was uber fresh and I do love a good ceviche or tuna poke’, but I wasn’t quite ready for raw sea bass.

Thankfully, “Herbert” sans guts was whisked away to the outdoor BBQ grill while we had a wee tomato purée soup and I wondered where I could buy a little decor with a chicken and the words “Tok Tok Tok..” on it.

Soon, here came “Herbert” with chef to the stone mantle. Chef sliced, skinned and plated “Herbert”, being careful to remove the delicate and succulent fish cheeks.

I drizzled Herbert with olive oil and sea salt and some creamed zucchini and a bit of rice.



I must learn how to cook this when we get to Sedona (or before if we can resurrect our gas grill at the ranch that has suffered some rubbing on, and subsequent tipping over and crashing by our careless donkeypants “Sassy”).

I looked at several recipes and came across this writer, who is absolutely hilarious:

Even if you don’t cook whole fish, do give it a read. You might catch yourself thinking “Ohmmmm….”


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