From Boardroom to Boho


Buying clothes used to be so easy but it felt relentless always trying to update classics to keep them fresh and not so boring.

The suit (L) was my uniform and a few bits hang on as Tradesy sales continue.

For the most part, I have gone SoCal style now. Coachella style with the short shorts and crop tops is too young if you’re older than 17. No one wants to see your bum sticking out in public- even if you’re stick thin. “Girl, please!”

SoCal style is easy:

1 PR boyfriend jeans or moto pants
1 PR peep booties matching your skin tone (blush works on me, beige or cocoa, not so much)
1 long tank
1 structured jacket as completer piece
Gobs of necklaces, varying lengths
Floppy Fedora
Cross body purse

Going out?
Sexy dress
(No variation of a dress that will go from day to night. Nope. Those mumsy buggers from Ann Taylor and other sensible stores are GONE from this closet!)

Do I miss being “dressed up”?

Only if it was on the heels (pun) of a great presentation. And that high only lasted about an hour.

Cute and comfy heels clothes can give me a high that lasts days on end.

And the Boardroom?

It’s totally overrated.

The post office, Walmart, my coffee-roasting kitchen and my patio garden

That’s where life is really happening these days.

I’m getting the hang of SoCal style, so where do I get ideas?
Vogue mostly but sometimes Kristen Taekman on Instagram

Where do I shop now? for SoCal vibe items for Vogue runway edgy looks for cheapsie for maxi dresses and swimwear for trendy jewelry on sale with coupon codes. for clearance boots, dress shoes for my husband for hard-to-find blazers and jackets for minimizer bras that are hard to find for yoga pants accessories or hard to find items like a yellow long bandana or orange legging pants for handmade items, impossible to find things for size 9 walking shoes (Clark’s). DO NOT buy clothes from here- it seems they are outsourced and items for tall people are too short in the arms and too big in the body. for comfy, adorable sandals and heels Used clothing, shoes, accessories. I got some cute pumps and jackets here for $12, $15.

Do you ever go to actual stores?

Talbot’s for sweaters, jeans, clearance items, scarves and to visit with my fav saleslady, Allison

Academy Sports for bra tanks, workout pants, trainers and pepper spray

Dillard’s for new shoes and well-made lingerie

Express for trendy looks for me and my husband. Mens jeans are sexy and well-priced with coupons and BOGO deals. Jewelry typically overpriced.

White House Black Market for jackets and special occasion dresses- they have great stylists who can help. Their jewelry is overpriced.

Nordstrom’s to feel Pampered, get perfume samples or find a special dress.

Sephora for makeup, tips, and perfume samples.

MAC for eyeshadow refills. The pigment is so much better than drugstore brands. A refill lasts years and is only $10

Famous Footwear – every once in a while, a home run here. Also, they carry Sketchers cute trainers.

Chicos at Christmastime. Their cool jewelry goes half off. I do stop in occasionally, but the regular prices are a bit high and some styles can be mumsy.

Charming Charlie’s for looking at everything-they have clothes too. I can spend hours in here and buy 1 thing.

Buffalo Exchange if I’m looking for trendy, cheap stuff and in the mood to hunt for buried treasure. My latest find was a Zara kimono jacket that probably cost hundreds. I got it for $18 and get lots of compliments wearing it with boyfriend jeans.

Garage Sales– this can be extremely fun in the Rice Village, West University part of town. I bought 2 Ralph Lauren items here 20 years ago for about $3.00 and I still love them.

Places I avoid for fashion and sanity:

Target– smells like plastic, stale fruit punch and popcorn and often their clothes are double what I would pay at other stores and not as well-made. Also, they take too long to put items on super sale.

Walmart – better to get some makeup items and toilet paper here. I don’t care for the clothing styles.

Payless The shoes make my feet sweat, styles are lagging. Kids running all around. Um, no.

Neiman Marcus – come on! Who can afford that really?! Insanity. Leave this place to the Kardashians and ballers.

Saks5th – I only bought my wedding dress there- I’m a bit on the fence here because sometimes they will have a few items at a good price aaand it’s the safest way to park at the Galleria Mall in Houston.

So there you have it-a list of my current fav places and ones I avoid.

What are some of your fav places for fashion?


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