Retirement budget download and loving the older you


This is young supermodel Gigi Hadid. I put this image through the aging booth app that aged her to age 60. Not even 20, she, hopefully, is already socking away her modeling $ for her older self. I hope she loves her older self in 2056 as I am learning to do now.

Loving our older selves financially is one that f the kindest things we can do.

“Aging is scary!”

Yes, it is.

“I can’t EVEN!”

Yes you can.
I can guide you.

Wrinkles, fat, loneliness, sickness, poverty, mortality.

It’s okay, have a good cry.

I’ll wait.

There are technologies that can help if you prepare.

Not facing retirement prevents us accepting all those unpleasantries, doesn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can commit to loving the future you.

Do you know you can even write letters to the future you via the futureme app?

If I worked at app maker King, I would make a virtual “Love Gramma app”. Feed, dress, medicate, talk to, get hair done, go travelling, take care of finances..I digress…

I started updating a spreadsheet for total tax burden at retirement by state. It has been requested from several people once word got out that I had put such a monster together.

In trying to update the spreadsheet, it didn’t take long to find a better tool online (future post, don’t worry) and to get caught in the sticky, nightmarish quagmire that

half of all Americans DO NOT SAVE for retirement.

The avoidance thing again…

The NET WORTH of MOST people in their 30’s and 40’s is



People are so afraid of getting older that they just won’t think of it at all.

“Well, when I’m old, I won’t care.”

Yes, you will.

You will feel 25 inside but possibly look like your booth photo.

You will still want:
For young people not to call you “ma’am” or “pops”

That young feeling inside does not change.

Social Security may NOT BE ENOUGH!

A typical example-love this:

Let’s Look at Mr and Mrs. Typical created by Just assume only social security income for each at age 62:


There are more assumptions and deets from here:

Can they survive on Social Security alone at age 62?

Maybe. Barely.

Download this spreadsheet and create your own future budget for where you live.

Think you will be able to afford having internet or going out to eat?

Better do a quick check with the spreadsheet.

Please, please take care of your older self. My 27-37 year old self had NO CLUE about money but she did know that saving and a 401k were good things and debt was a bad thing.

And if I could hug her from 20 years in the future from 2016, I would. “Thank you for doing without then, for sacrificing and shopping at thrift stores and working your tail off. Thank you so much. (and no, honey, we still don’t have flying cars in 2016.).”

*Going to Disneyland if you are in debt!
*Going on cruises paid for by a HELOC
*Buying a closet full of clothes to soothe a past hurt
*Buying a big house to “fix” a bad marriage

They feel good at the moment but will hurt your future you. Even Tuco Salamanca does not hit or abuse his grandma.

*Put your picture into the aging booth app.

*Love the future you.

*Promise to take care of you.

Please, oh, please.

Download this very basic spreadsheet & input your estimate.


Mr. and Mrs. Typical’s basic Social Security budget without internet, phones, or travel failed my basic budget by about $100.

Retirement could possibly cost less in some places (Fish Springs, Utah) than others ( Los Angeles, CA).

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew ahead of time? Just to have a general idea and some comfort for yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now?

Next posts, where should you live to maximize your retirement income?
What will be your total tax burden?
What can you do if you’re in trouble now? There’s hope.
What do you dream of doing?

Did you know some states tax food and medicine and some don’t?

Hint: Florida doesn’t but California would tax your poo if given the chance.

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