The Oasis is not on sale yet


January- is early March a clothing oasis?

You’re itching for Spring.

Saw something cute in a magazine you would like to try or have something you’ve been thinking about for years.

The stores have been a fuzzy desert for months.

And months.

Especially this past “winter-that-wasn’t” for some.

We had no winter in Houston this year thanks to El Nino. It happens every so often and the stores are bulging with winter stuff nobody wanted in the first place. Bulky coats and itchy sweaters are priced much too high for clearance. Forty (40%) off won’t do it, retailers need to slash prices by 90% because it will be 90F in a month.

” Coulottes”? Avez vous?


“White jeans that don’t show my cellulite?”


But not on sale.


No coupons?


The Oasis is a MIRAGE!

I continue crawling through the clothing desert…possibly finding something on

And pining for Summer (Spring is already here).

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