Happy Boxing Day!




Actual boxes.

And giving.

I finally know what this means after the interweb and wikipedia were invented.

Historically, it meant “boxing up gifts” for staff of a grand manor.

Now, it’s all about sales in Canada & the U.K., like “After Christmas” sales in the US. Bargains galore on winter items.

Why is it so bananas?

Well, think of it this way: you are a clothing store owner on the East Coast during an El Nino year. Those in the West got the snow, you didn’t. Now it’s after Christmas and you have SO MANY SWEATERS just sitting around.

And the Vogue Spring collection mag 2016 is already delivered.

And Spring collections begin to arrive in January.

There’s a name for this in the retailer’s world, but forgive me, I am getting older and could not find it.

You don’t want your store to look overstuffed or like ROSS (MESS), so you need to clear it out with deep discounts. You may be able to add a spike to your year-end sales too.

If you’re a savvy shopper, go to Ebates first and then find your fav store.

I tried Bloomingdale’s thinking “desperate East Coast store” but no, the prices for a cashmere crewneck are higher priced and less classic than Talbot’s: 20%-double the price.

You again with the cashmere…

“But it’s Sooo soft and I use it as a standard metric”

Could it be that retailers want a quick sales burst in the first quarter instead?

When I worked retail, it was a frenzy to CLEAR THINGS OUT to get ready for the impending January shipments.

Back to “boxing day”.

It seems this discounts are just slightly less than Black Friday and it has morphed into giving to one’s self rather than others.

There are still great ways to give though:

*Donations of goods
*Bonuses for these folks:
    Servers, hairdressers, cleaning folks…the list goes on.

Don’t forget about them 🙂


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