Magazines to let slip

I get a gazillion magazines. Some were bought with Coke points, free from Sephora, or a bargain. Others just began to show up.

Here’s the list:
Ladies Home Journal
Better Homes & Gardens

It’s too much.

There’s no way that I can keep up with them all and READ ALL THE THINGS!

It makes me panic a little.

There are bones to pick with some:

*Elle- to much writing in tiny font about fictional books I’ll never read or politics that are last year’s news. A few pics from Vogue 3 months ago. Fashion, people. Photos. C’mon!

*Lucky-too many ads, goofy styling. Plus I can hear the Millionaire Matchmaker say “is that an outfit you saw in ‘Lucky’?!” Toss!

*Ladies Home Journal- printed their last issue in July/August. I’m not into country singer’s style. Buh bye.

*Better Homes -the home styling is atrocious. Peach walls with garish matchy-matchy prints: as if 1970’s JCPenny threw up on Ikea. And recipes with bread, hot dogs, cakes and crescent rolls?! Toss!

How about the ones to keep?
Desert island mag?

*Vogue hands-down. Fashion-forward with beautifully photographed editorials. Like wearable art. No one really wears haute couture, but one can get ideas of the shapes and styles to come. It’s a joy to look at-like an art museum in my hands.

*InStyle: the ready-to-wear version of Vogue with some compelling articles on health and Dear “E” articles that make one think “thank God that’s not MY life”. Keeping.

*O-stuffed with articles on health, wealth, living your best life and stories of inspiration. Not the best for fashion-a bit fashion-backward. O’s favourite things: overpriced shee shee poo poo things nobody would use. Weight-loss tips are out of date (low fat-bah!). This one requires my reading glasses but the articles are quite good. Keeping.

*More: I have a love/hate relationship with this one targeted to the 40+ crowd. I really tire of their perceived demographic: 53 year CEO’s of magazines who MUST re-invent themselves into non-profit journalists on the “front lines” or pottery makers in Portland. Advice for speaking with your female boss. Seriously, who HAS these jobs and a female boss outside of New York?
Where are the scientists, techies, engineers and mathematicians? Why do we have to reinvent ourselves each month? We’re already exhausted. Stop. Just stop it already. Toss!

So, how do I stop unwanted mags?

Paperkarma app! Take a pic of the address sticker-they do the rest.

It’s time to stop the madness…


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