Weight Loss for stubborn lbs.

You won’t like this diet.

But if you are frustrated beyond measure and maybe insulin resistant, this will drop the pounds quick.

NO ALCOHOL until you get to maintenenc-you will get really sick if you drink it when your body is in ketosis. Drink LaCroix water or Diet Coke instead.

*Breakfast-black coffee

*Lunch-5 hollowed egg whites filled with olive oil and LeGrande Vegan pesto

Snack-2 egg whites with same

*Workout low impact walking or elliptical 90 minutes.
sfh whey protein shake if you are stark raving starving post workout.

*Dinner-repeat Lunch

*Evening-Hot water with caramel or vanilla creme Stevia

OMG. Yep, I’m dead serious here.

I’m 8 lbs to go to final loss goal of 40 lbs.

I am not a doctor. I just know what works for me. Vegetables and “low fat” make me FAT.

Size 12 to size 4 doesn’t lie.

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